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I'm an English to French translator specializing in video game localization with a strong focus on narrative content and a soft spot for indie titles.

As a narratology and worldbuilding aficionado, my favorite projects generally include intricate storytelling, defined atmospheres and all sorts of creative challenges.

I've studied modern literature and cinema, and I hold a Master's degree in translation as well as a couple of awards for short stories.

I'm also half of the Indie Duet!

Want to know more? You can consult my resume and check out my portfolio.


Translation is not just about words: it's about intentions, feelings, and character.

When I bring your story to French-speaking players, I ponder every nuance, every tiny speck of narrative color to craft an immersive experience that will stick with them. I make them laugh and cry, go awww and go ewww. I make them think. I make them look anxiously over their shoulder. I make them stare at the night sky and contemplate the all-consuming void. And once they are defenseless, I turn them into my minions. FOR I AM THE PUPPET MASTER! LINGUISTS ANSWER TO NO ONE AND ONE DAY, wE SHALL DEVOUR THE WORLD! AND THEN THEY WILL ALL BEND TO OUR WILL AND PROVIDE EXTENSIVE CONTEXT AND CREDIT US EVERY SINGLE TIME! AND WE SHALL CHANT STUFF ABOUT OXFORD COMMAS AND EXCHANGE CAT PICS!

Oopsie daisy, looks like you found some sort of bug on the host's end! Nothing to be concerned about, I'm sure.


Anywho, I localize your games and their marketing into French. Ready to make a lasting impression on one of the biggest European markets?

 Feel free to get in touch!



Far from a glorified spell check, editing is the attentive process that makes good translations great.

As an editor, I review and refine the consistency, style, fluency, and overall quality of the work delivered by other introverts in pajamas. I also make sure that the final delivery has fully conformed to your instructions, complies with each platform's specific terminology, and is perfectly tailored to your target audience. 


Having previously been called "exceptionally annoying" by some of my peers, I will gladly review your French text to track down mistakes, stylistic weaknesses and inconsistencies.



(Localization Quality Assurance) 

I can test translations in-game to spot technical and contextual issues, compliance errors, cultural inadequacies, and any other little blunders that can be detrimental to player experience.



I can build and manage a team of trusted colleagues to translate your game in multiple languages while overseeing every step of the process.


Got general questions about localization, the French language, inclusivity or ethical industry practices? Let's talk!

Note that these services are not my main activities, and that I only offer them when I am confident I can do a terrific job.

When I'm not, I will gladly recommend colleagues who have sufficient resources to cater to your specific needs!

native_prime RGB negative.png

The above is a selection of the partners I collaborate with most often and/or tend to prioritize — to my knowledge, they offer decent working conditions, favor human translators over AI, and show good faith in supporting the #TranslatorsInTheCredits movement.


I'm very happy to be half of


and you should check it out!


without fearing for their safety in any way ~

I've had the pleasure to work with Lucie on the localization of several titles in the past couple of years. With her outstanding narrative skills, kindness and curiosity, the entire team is always happy to collaborate with her.

Even though I would love to have Lucie always available for my projects, I think every great title desires her care, so here is my recommendation if you need a skilled French game localizer. :)

Katarina Holanda

  (PM & Coordinator @Testronic)

Lucie is a very good and passionate translator always willing to invest time and effort to make sure all the games she works on truly sing in French.

Marc Eybert-Guillon 

  (Founder & PM @From the Void)

I have worked with Lucie on multiple game localization projects over the past year, proofreading her work. She has excellent writing skills, especially when it comes to narrative parts and dialogs. Her style is easy to read, fluid and peppered with the right amount of idiomatic expressions and clever puns to keep players immersed in the game's world.


She is open to discuss tricky points and asks questions when unsure about something. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make things easier at the proofreading steps by providing comments and documenting her translation choices. I am looking forward to working again with her and I highly recommend her for narrative game localization projects.

Aurélie Perrin 

  (Co-Founder @LocQuest Studio, Editor @From the Void)



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